Top 3 Biggest Celebrity Sports Gamblers

3. Charles Barkley

Skinny: Won and lost big amounts at casinos in a short span and owed a casino $400,000

Charles Barkley famously said, “I’m not a role model” during his playing career. He extends that notion of himself up to his post-playing days – unless of course you’re including fellow gamblers into the peer group.

Sir Charles is a high-stakes gambler but denied he had a problem.

In 2006, he went on record to say that his love for gambling cost him $10 million. He also claimed he lost $2.5 million in six hours.

Eventually, Chuck acknowledged that he was an addict and even thought of quitting.

We’re still waiting Chucky…

2. 50 Cent

Skinny: “Followed voices in his head” and ended up $500,000 richer

Add all the millions in record sales, successful business ventures, and lucrative endorsement deals, 50 Cent is “stanky rich”.

So it’s pretty obvious that Mr. Curtis Jackson can bet a lot of money because he can.

In 2012, he bet and won $500,000 in the NFC Championship Game between the 49ers and Giants after he “followed the voices in his head”.

Another notable wager he made was when he bet $1 million on his former bromance partner Floyd Mayweather Jr $1M in his bout against Oscar de la Hoya. 50′s faith paid off when Pretty Boy Floyd won by split decision.

He really does “smell like a vault”.

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Skinny: Tweets photos of his seven-figure wagers on sporting events

He calls himself “Money” and lives up to it every time.

If there is a big sporting event, Floyd’s Twitter followers shall expect a photo of his bet ticket. “Money” often places seven-figure bets on any major sporting event – from the Super Bowl to the NBA Finals.

He most recently bet $5.9 million and $5 million on the Miami Heat to win both Game 7 of East Finals and Game 7 of NBA Finals, respectively.

A seven-figure amount of money is very big for an ordinary person, but not for Floyd. This is a classic example of a low-risk, high-reward bet for a guy who makes almost $90 million a year.

Some of our Celebrity Gamblers have a knack for turning big bucks into bigger bucks while others not so much. They catch a lot of flack for putting the lifetime salary of an average Joe on the table but if to them $1 million is equivalent to $100 to the rest of us, should we care? What if you had famous player capital to back up your bets?

Betting on most scored part in NBA matches

I am going to present you a betting system which is connected with prediction for a quarter with most scored points in an NBA match. I have been using this betting system for more than three years and it has always brought me success.
As I said at the beginning, the essence of this betting system is to bet on the quarter with most scored points in the NBA games. Each match in NBA is divided into four parts with 12 minutes each. The bookmakers generally offer odds from 2.7 to 3.2 for the first part to be with most scored points, the second quarter is usually estimated with 3.6 and the third, which is generally the least likely part for this betting option has the highest coefficient. Normally it is offered something around 4, but sometimes the odds are even bigger and they go up to 5.5. The last quarter of the match generally gives odds around3.5.

How to determine which part to bet? This is a process that begins with the compilation of a betting database of at least ten matches for each team. In one excel betting on nbasheet I make data for every team and the most scored quarter of every match. When I get data from the last 10 played games for each team, then it comes the time for betting.

I check every match and gathering the most scored quarters for both teams and multiply the result by the offered from the betting house odds. If the score is above 107, then I bet on that quarter. In this calculation 100 is the point where I neither win nor lose. Below 100 means that in the long turn I will lose my money and above 100 means that after a certain period of time I will gain some profit. I put those extra 7% to make sure that I have some profit in advance.

Apart from that, I put one more barrier on my bets. I make my betting system even more secured. I write down every bet I make and I sort them by odds. Then I calculate them so to see which odds are giving me profit and which are not. I bet only on these which have the result above 107.

A necessary clarification. NBA matches can end with two quarters or even more with the same amount of scored points. In this case, I write both as winning because the betting house shares the win between the equal parts when two or more are most scored parts with the same amount of scored points.

For the end take a look on this great video with top ten Chicago’s best plays during the last season.

Reverse Martingale Roulette & Betting System

The conventional Martingale Roulette System is what’s known as a negative progression system because you increase your bets after a loss. The opposite to that is increasing your bets after a win which is a positive progression and that’s what the reverse Martingale attempts to do.

To start with, let’s clear up that the traditional Martingale system can be used all over the roulette table as long as you know the progression to use. It isn’t practical to use the reverse Martingale all over the table though because you’re betting on repeaters, the same part of the table hitting several times in a row and riding a winning streak for profit.

There’s little chance that you’re going to get several splits, corners, lines and so on in a row so it would be a waste to use the reverse Martingale on them, just stick to the even chance bets (red/black, odd/even and 1-18/19-36). So this is the progression that you would use:

1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 – 128 – 256 – 512 – 1024 – 2048 – 4096 – 8192

How to use this system would be best described with an example. Start by picking a colour and then betting on it with 1. If it wins, bet 2 on the same colour. If this wins, bet 4 on the same colour.

The aim is to keep increasing your bets, ride the winning streak and then walk away with a large win. The first thing you need to do is decide at which point you’re going to walk away and take the win. This is entirely up to you, 6,7,8 colours in a row, it depends on you, your playing style and what kind of mood you’re in.

It is very important that you stick to your walk away point thought. It’s all too easy to get greedy and think to yourself “Just one more bet,” and this will pay off from time to time, but it will cost you more than it will pay off over the long term.

Important Things To Remember And Do

One thing that I would recommend when using this system online is to wait until you have one of the colour you’re going to bet on before you start betting. What I mean by this is the following: if your colour is red, wait until red has just hit, and then bet that you will get the second red, third red and so on.

The reason I say this is because if there’s currently a streak of black, you’re just going to keep losing. By waiting until you have one red before you start betting, at least you won’t get burned when there’s a streak of black. This is just an opinion and an idea, you could test it either way and see which you prefer.

A second important thing to remember is that you will have a loss of 1 every single time you don’t get to your desired quitting point. This would be best explained with an example.

Sticking with red again, let’s say that your quitting point is 7 reds in a row and you’re waiting until there’s one red before you start betting. After a red hits, you start betting on red, you get 5 wins and then on the final bet you lose. This is what you would have won:

1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 = 31 Your next bet was 32 though and it lost, therefore you lost 1 throughout the betting sequence. Due to the fact that you’re losing 1 every time you don’t get to your quitting point, you get lots of small losses and these can soon add up.

Handicapping NHL? 6 NHL betting strategies – Part Two

4. Throw out the parlays

Yes, parlays are popular as the offer the chase of the big payoff for little risk. Sports action especially pushes this with NHL bettors as the understand the appeal it offers. But parlays in NHL betting is similar to a lottery….low investment with high risk for big payouts. Are you gambler…then go with this thrill…but if you’re a sports investor, you’ll soon see why you’ll avoid parlays in NHL wagering and why expert handicappers who run the numbers will avoid the parlays.

If you’re new to parlay bets, it simply offers you a variety of potential outcomes to bet on, and if all outcomes win, you win. The statistical risk with parlays increases significantly with each parlay bet. The more parlays, the lower probability you’ll win. If every single one of your selected NHL predictions win, then the parlay bet pays out. But if one prediction loses, then the entire parlay bet is lost.

NHL sports investors, sharp bettors and experience expert handicappers understand that over time wagering on single NHL games will lead to better profitability as aside from the statistical probabilities described above, it also provides the bettor an easier way to manage their bankroll and select sharper NHL bets to make more yield.

5. Research

Researching the NHL game statistics is critical. Reputable expert NHL handicappers and sharps know this. They run the numbers and the weights of key statistics for specific games, along with researching the different NHL odds at the sportsbooks.

Weights and indicators handicappers may use include recent trends, recent performance, historical match ups, home or away trends and advantages, starting goalies, injuries and more.

Also when researching the NHL odds at different online sportsbooks (and avoid the blacklisted sportsbooks), get a feel why some online sportsbooks are setting their odds a certain way; for example public and consensus opinion and the advantages it offers for share bets.

6. Personal Trends & Bankroll

Always step outside the box to look at your performance over the short term and long term, and how you’re managing your bankroll. At times even the best sharps and NHL handicappers hit losing streaks, but the understand the fundamental NHL betting strategies above, and manage their losses. They’ll look at the bigger picture of performance over the season and time. Everyone hits bad streaks…and if so, take a break and give the bankroll time to breathe and review your approach and research. Ensure your fundamentals are in place, and/or how the handicappers you subscribe to are performing. An advantage to subscribing to a pool of expert handicappers is to see if there is a general expert trend and consensus on the games. While all their individual research may point to winning picks that turn out as losses, it may indicate a minor gap or trend has formed, and its bettor to wait to see their moving winning average turn around before getting back in. Note, if you understand investing in the markets and the MACD indicator, a similar statistical indicator can be applied to expert handicappers performance and even your own sports betting portfolio.

Handicapping NHL? 6 NHL betting strategies

Some treat betting on NHL as an off season investment – off season from NHL and college football, and even NBA and college basketball. But to the investor, they understand the opportunities NHL betting presents, and look at it as simply another investment vehicle to build their bankroll and portfolio.

In this post we’ll cover 6 common NHL betting strategies used by expert NHL handicappers and sharps to build their bankroll over the hockey season. And if you’re new to betting on the NHL or seeking approach sports betting as a bonafide investment strategy, I recommend you first read the NHL betting basics and handicapper tips for the background details, and reference sports betting terminology

1. Underdogs
Betting the underdogs may seem like the risky long shot play, but statistically you’ll find more sharp underdog bets than favorites since the NHL offers a somewhat level playing field. Remember the NHL salary caps? This contributes to evening the skill among the teams, offering the opportunity on a given hockey night that regardless how a team placed the previous season in their run for the playoffs and Stanley Cup, the following season its fair game.

2. Compare NHL Lines

The sportsbook lines provide the most significant difference in profitability and opportunity between winning and losing your nhl picks. Smart NHL bettors take the best lines from any given online sportsbook, taking the most favorable odds on their NHL picks. Sportsbooks can offer a significant difference between NHL odds, and shopping for the best line has statistically shown the difference between highly profitable bettors. When shopping for the best NHL odds, you may only find minor differences in the odds, but the investment strategy to betting on the NHL, as with most other sports, is incremental gains over time. Just like Warren Buffet, he seeks value and buying opportunities on Wall Street, and over time, has made him one of the wealthiest investors of all time. And unlike many sports bettors seeking a big profitable win fall betting on a single game, the sports investor, professional hockey handicappers and sharp bettors understand this betting strategy; incremental gains over time and patience.

3. Bet like Poker, Not like Black Jack
In other words, don’t bet on every game like you do on black jack. Online sportsbook oddsmakers understand this psychology, and fairly accurate setting the NHL betting lines, which deters a lot of sharp betting. So like poker, apply your patience and shop around like a sharp bettor, or subscribe to reputable NHL handicapper with a good track record, and look for the sharpest bet and take that game as your pick. Don’t bet your favorite teams, or the big game of the night. Look for the sharp opportunities that will show up with different online sportsbooks. By applying this strategy will train you over time to quickly understand which NHL bets and expert picks give the highest potential ROI…and not necessarily profit.

Sportsbooks also are aware that most recreational and novice bettors tend to wager on the their favorites vs. the underdogs. Whether is an emotional attachment to the team or other reason, sharps and sportsbooks know that with the most recreational sports bettors don’t fully understand how the NHL odds work, and take the smaller payouts as a result of betting emotionally. This emotional tie to hockey influences the publics love for their team or the favorites, and online bookmakers will move the odds to account for this statistical proven fact.

Tip: Wagering on the underdog in NHL betting on every game (which you should not do), will statistically lose much less profit than if you wagered on the favorite, in every game. Remember, selectively choose your sharp NHL picks and NHL predictions, the underdogs and the best line.

Tips for successful Betting Exchange Betting

At present, being a layer is a bit like being the bookie with the pitch at the end of the line in the betting ring. When the favourite is backed from 2/1 to 6/4 at the prime pitches, you will find that suddenly, the 9/4 you are offering is snapped up. So be warned and while you are not a conventional bookie, more a punter trying to back horses to lose, some maxims of conventional bookmaking still apply. The object of traditional bookmaking is to lay every horse at the shortest possible price, but in practice most on course layers aim to lay the first three in the betting to make a round losing book and hope for a “skinner” if an outsider comes in.

Similarly, it is better to lay more than one in a race to offset your liabilities. It gives you a smaller downside and bigger possible upside. Laying short-priced favourites at slightly better odds can be a lucrative long-term exercise, especially if you are a good judge of a dodgy market leader. Similarly, laying 16/1 about a 14/1 shot can make what looks like easy money but of course the downside can occasionally be costly. Possibilities for backers are obvious. Consistently better prices than the prevailing live show; the ability to get on steamers at prices that have disappeared on course; the ability to tout for a better price if you can’t win as a backer in an over-round free environment, you can’t win anywhere.

Everyone want to be able to identify winners, but there is also money to be made by being able to predict market movement, regardless of the result. The Racing Post selection box is a useful tool. If the Racing Post has a runner as 9/4 favourite in its betting forecast, if it is tipped by a lot of tipsters (especially in mass circulation papers like The Sun and The Mirror) it is almost certain to shorten in the betting. Conversely, if few papers are tipping it, it may drift. You could try consulting something like the Racing Posts tissue prices. They are compiled by an expert source which also supplies 50 on-course bookmakers and, as such, are invariably a more reliable than the Daily’s betting forecasts. If you know a horse is likely to drift, you can step in and lay the best price early and then see the horse you’ve laid drift to a bigger price than the one you’ve traded at, and then back it at the bigger price, and whatever the result you will, if you’ve done your sums correctly, make a small profit. Good business! Conversely, you can back a favourite at 7/4 if you know he’s likely to shorten to evens so you can lay him at, say, 5/4 just before the off.

“Laying the Draw” – Strategy

To begin with, this strategy is not really for beginners. It takes a certain comprehension of the betting market and also the field (e.g. football) you want to bet in.

But this is how it works: First you search for a game in which you expect a goal within the first half. So you compare earlier games of those teams and check if the teams are prone to score a goal in the first 45 minutes or if one team is the favorite.

In the next step you place a “lay”-bet at Betfair on a Draw. So you bet that either Team A or Team B wins. You offer an odd of 4.5 with a stake of 10 Euro.

In this scenario you would:

lose 35 Euro on a Draw (10 Euro stake x 4.5 odd – 10 Euro stake = 35 Euro)
win 10 Euro on a Team A Win
win 10 Euro on a Team B Win

The next step is to wait for the game to start and a goal to be scored. If a team scores the odd on a Draw increases (to e.g. 6.8) and you place a “back”-bet on the Draw. Now you place 6.62 Euro on the Draw which would mean you get the profit of the “back”-bet” of 38.40 Euro (6.62 stake x 6.8 – 6.62 stake = 38.40) in case of a Draw.

In case of a Win of either Team A or B you will get your 10 Euro from the “lay”-bet decreased by the amount of the “back”-bet (10 Euro “lay”-profit – 6.62 Euro “back”-loss = 3.38 Euro clear profit).

In case of a Draw you will get your “back”-profit decreased by the “lay”-loss. (38.4 Euro “back”-profit – 35 Euro “lay”-loss = 3.4 Euro clean profit)

Team A wins: 10 – 6.62 = 3.38
Team B wins: 10 – 6.62 = 3.38
Draw: -35 + 38.4 = 3.4

As you can see you will not make a lot of money with every bet, but if you use this strategy more often you can of course yield some good profits. The only case in which you would lose your stake of 35 Euro is, if the game drawed 0-0.

But firstly, we minimized that risk by doing a profound research before the game(s) and secondly, statistically speaking only 6 out of 100 football games draw 0-0.

Hint: Place your “back”-bet on the Draw quickly after the first goal as the odd is the highest immediately after the goal. You can also keep your stake for the “lay”-bet small so in case of a 0-0 Draw your losses will be minor.

BACK & LAY at Betfair

Compared to other betting sites Betfair offers you interesting alterations of the common betting system. They are known as “back” and “lay”-bets and we will explain to you how you can use these betting system for your own purpose. This article shows you step by step how to place sports bets at betting exchanges like Betfair.

Now it’s time to explain how betting exchanges by comparison to normal bookmakers work in generally. In figure 1 you can see an usual 3-way-bet market of the game Leicester City against Manchester United. There are also other betting markets for over/under or h2h bets.

What exactly is a “back”-bet?

First of all, at Betfair “back”-bets and their odds are always marked in blue.

Secondly, a “back”-bet is practically a common sports bet where you put you stake on a certain outcome of a bet. You are betting FOR something. If you bet 10 Euro on Manchester United you win the amount of your stake times the odds.

In this example (figure 2): 10 Euro times 1.67 = 16.70 Euro minus the amount of your stake of 10 Euro would make a clear profit of 6.70 Euro.

The only difference to a regular sports bet is that your bet is not against the book-maker but against another betting exchange-user (who bet on a different outcome of the game in question). Additively, as you see in figure 1, the provider set a ceiling amount which you cannot over bet.

Attention: Bear in mind that Betfair charges a commission of up to 5 % from the profit of your bet that means your account will only be credited by 95 % of the profit you generate. If you lose your bet you do not have to pay any commission.

What is “lay”-betting?

This is a bet where you don’t bet on a specific outcome of a game but you bet AGAINST it. To be exact, in this scenario you will hold the position of a book-maker. If you’re not happy with an odd offered, you can offer a bet to other users and you decide at what odd you want to do so.

Here in figure 3 you see how you set the odd you want to offer and also the maximum amount a so called Backer (your counterpart who buys your bet) can bet.

By offering a “lay”-bet you get a double chance bet. As you bet AGAINST Manchester United in our sample you win your bet if Leicester City wins and also if they draw. Before you place a bet you can check the Premier League fixtures and results to see who is matching up.

So now you sell your bet for 10 Euro at an odd of 1.68. This means your betting account looks like this (see also in figure 5):

If the Leicester City wins you win 10 Euro
If they draw you win 10 Euro
If Manchester United looses you lose 16.80 Euro. (10 Euro x 1.68 = 16.80 Euro – stake 10 Euro = 6.80 Euro clear loss)

We hope that this brief introduction into “back”- and “lay”-bets at betting exchanges helped you to understand this complex topic. As you can see there are more betting strategies than just the common bet against the book-maker. In the German Bundesliga or Premier League Market you will always find enough people which will back or lay your bets. To build a successful betting concept it is essential to invest a little bit of time to fully understand the betting market. Conclusively we want to show you another strategy which can be very fertile, if it is done right

Champions League: Real Madrid – Apoel

Tonight field even Real Madrid Mourinho busy at home against Apoel, already beaten in the match went well for 3-0.

The challenge today is therefore a mere formality with Ronaldo and company are ready to land the semi-finals where they will find the already- qualified Bayern Monaco, while the clash with rivals Barcelona victorious 3-1 over Milan and not with some controversy because of the second penalty could be awarded in the final.

In the face as I said there will be a phenomenal Apoel, who after the great journey recorded in this Champions League 2012 must surrender to the Spanish battleship, it was still a work product of a compact group and determined, but at the end of the Real is a obstacle really higher, although in the first leg 0-0 was maintained until the second half of the game, proving once again great value.

The prediction is therefore strongly oriented towards the mark 1, we can also adapt the first 45 ‘ minutes of the game to have a good rise in the share itself, the most widely followed variant Over 2.5 which is 3.5.

Predictions and odds, betting bet365:

Real Madrid – Apoel Outcome: 1 1,07 bet365

Why bet on Bet365

Over time appeared on the market that offer hundreds of bookmaker offer a diverse variety of promotions to attract customers, but not all online bookmaker offer to transform the services of safety, reliability and quality customers. Bet365 has been appointed over the years the best online bookmakers where you can bet. In this article we present some of the aspects that confirm what millions of players around the world consider the best online bookmaker and the most serious.

It’s good to know that the agency is one of the few online bookmakers is registered IBAS (The Independent Betting Service award ), that is an independent body which deals with unresolved issues between punters and bookies. If the problem intalnititi and representatives of agencies and clients can not help thinking that they are wrong in some way by Bet365, you can contact the authority that will help you solve the problem.

Another advantage of the benefit if you choose Bet365: has the latest systems and certified to ensure data security of all transaction data, information and guarantees and keep them in a safe environment without being used for other purposes. It’s good to know that all transactions and payments are made using retail systems developed logical. For more information, go to the Support section on our platform.